Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2018 | Talk on Printed Matter in Fashion

Warehouse will participate in Printing Plant Art Book Fair with a selection of independent fashion publications. Also, Beau Bertens, Elisa van Joolen, Femke de Vries, Jan Schoon and Mary-Lou Berkulin will have a conversation about independent fashion publishing.

As Warehouse aims to create an engaging environment that facilitates dialogue and an alternative fashion discourse that goes beyond seeing fashion as a commodity Warehouse supported and produced a number of projects that explore with a critical eye, the trademarks of fashion. Some of these projects are PORTAL, Press & Fold, A Magazine Reader and Monument. During their talk at Printing Plant, Femke de Vries and Elisa van Joolen, along with Jan Schoon, Mary-Lou Berkulin (Monument) and Beau Bertens (Press & Fold), share insights on how they dissect fashion magazines, make fashion publications, approach the garment as carrier and medium and redefine the role of the wearer and the maker.

For this year's fair we've selected independent fashion publications by the following makers: Chet Bugter, Rosita Kaer, Stijn Pommée and Zoe Philine Pingel.