Procrustinacean by Philipp Schueller

Warehouse, in collaboration with Das Leben am Haverkamp, have invited Philipp Schueller to expand his exploration into the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. With these explorations, that often take the shape of visual narratives and fashion, Schueller aspires to forge greater empathy with nature and its creatures.

In the work Procrustinacean, Schueller draws parallels between fashion’s compulsive drive toward the new and a profound evolutionary urge. He compares humans shedding garments to other lifeforms that shed their skin or modify their appearance. In doing so, he speculates about future “fashion species” and how clothing could shapeshift once it leaves the human body. He also shares his specific fascination for the horseshoe-crab, an animal whose blue blood, that holds an important virus detector, is harvested by the pharmaceutical industry. Our reliance on this animal can determine the decline of this species, or that of our own.

In the exhibition, that includes objects, performance, participation and conversation, Schueller invites the audience to internalize the story of this animal and to see the interdependence between us.

Warehouse, in collaboration with Das Leben am Haverkamp, supports Schueller’s work by creating access to new materials and techniques as well as contextualization of the work through conversations. Together with Suzanne Bernhardt, Schueller developed a potion, a ‘liquid of life’ that visitors can consume in the exhibition.