Reading My Panties zine launch

This Sunday March 20th, will see the launch of the first Reading My Panties zine, a project initiated by Lu Lin at W139 in Amsterdam. Reading My Panties is a collective zine for the underrepresented discussions on panties, drawing on theories of intersectionality and feminism. The first issue of the zine, 'A Collective Manifesto', includes ten women's stories of scrutinising panties, exposing how social constructs—self-objectification, gender regulations, conventional chastity, taboos, slut-shaming, body-shaming, etc.— hinder women’s sense of safety and feeling at home in their bodies.

The zine launch of Reading My Panties is a safe space for people to openly talk about their panties through interactive panty installations, a study-group, and participatory performance. The zine will be on sale at the launch.

The study-group will consist of Lu Lin, Emma van Meyeren, Heike Renée de Wit and Hanka van der Voet (Warehouse), and will start at 15:00 on March 20th. The installation can also be visited the next day, on Monday March 21st.

The Reading my Panties zine will soon be for sale at the Warehouse webshop.

The Reading My Panties zine launch will take place at W139 on March 20th, at Warmoesstraat 139 in Amsterdam. The space will also be open on March 21st. Both days W139 is open from 12:00 to 18:00.