Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2019

JOIN Collective Clothes magazine.

Warehouse participates in Printing Plant Art Book fair with a selection of independent fashion publications.

As Warehouse aims to create an engaging environment that facilitates dialogue and an alternative fashion discourse that goes beyond seeing fashion as a commodity, Warehouse supported and produced a number of projects that explore the trademarks of fashion with a critical eye. Warehouse sells several publications like: the JOIN manual and the JOIN Collective Conversation magazine, issues of A Magazine Reader, as well as issues of the PORTAL readers. There's an exclusive pre-sale of the newest Press & Fold 'The Luxury issue' and several items of Warehouse Wear.

Just like last year, we've made a selection of independent fashion publications. This year, we have publications by Chet Bugter, Chinouk Filique de Miranda, Edwin van Gelder & Johann Tangyong (Rework magazine), Mary-Lou Berkulin (Monument), Karmen Samson, Mika Perlmutter and Rebecca Stephany (in collaboration with students from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design).

The Fashion Systems (Algo) Rhythmic Gaze, Chinouk Filique de Miranda.

Rework Magazine, Edwin van Gelder & Johann Tangyong.