Printing Plant Art Book Fair 2019

Warehouse participates in Printing Plant Art Book fair with a selection of independent fashion publications.

As Warehouse aims to create an engaging environment that facilitates dialogue and an alternative fashion discourse that goes beyond seeing fashion as a commodity, Warehouse supported and produced a number of projects that explore the trademarks of fashion with a critical eye. Warehouse sells several publications like: the JOIN manual and the JOIN Collective Conversation magazine, issues of A Magazine Reader, as well as issues of the PORTAL readers. There's an exclusive pre-sale of the newest Press & Fold 'The Luxury issue' and several items of Warehouse Wear.

Just like last year, we've made a selection of independent fashion publications. This year, we have publications by Chet Bugter, Chinouk Filique de Miranda, Edwin van Gelder & Johann Tangyong (Rework magazine), Mary-Lou Berkulin (Monument), Karmen Samson, Mika Perlmutter and Rebecca Stephany (in collaboration with students from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design).