BookLook Issue 1 launch

Booklook Apron-Delantal will be launched officially on Wednesday June 29th, 20:00 at the Warehouse HQ with a conversation by designer Anouk Beckers and artist & researcher María Naidich, moderated by designer Andrea Chehade.

Location: Warehouse HQ, Hamerstraat 2, Amsterdam

Booklook is a research project by designer Anouk Beckers and fuses the fashion magazine with the garment, resulting in a series of wearable fashion magazines. The fabric-like paper carries stories that stem from the situatedness of garments in non-commercial, cultural, and daily realities. Through the experiences and knowledge of invited makers, thinkers, designers and writers from various backgrounds the Booklook items aim to form a collection of narratives that can help us question and reflect on the dominant commercial stories in fashion and redefine the role of fashion and garments in a cultural, social, political and economic context.

This Booklook issue shares a text by artist and researcher María Naidich about the Tseltalero dress, a garment created and worn by women from both Tseltal and Tojolabal communities in the Lacandon jungle, in southeastern Mexico. The Tseltalero dress represents an expression of women’s resistance to centuries of control over their clothing since the colonial times. It is a garment that is produced collectively and strengthens relationships between women, allowing them to organize and function autonomously. María’s research on this dress is developed in conversation with the Tojolabal community of San Gregorio la Esperanza. And explores the complex value of this dress within the Tojolabal and Tseltal worldview, sharing some ideas about beauty, garments and the body from a non-Eurocentric episteme.

Booklook Apron-Delantal is designed by Rietlanden Women’s Office. Besides the contributors’ text it carries a prologue by researcher Femke de Vries.

Booklook is made with the generous support of Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries, Stichting Stokroos, Lahnpaper and the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship.

Images by Sharon Jane D.

Images by Sharon Jane D.