Mode and Mode #7 | ‘D&K LOOKBOOK 2019’

7.34 EUR

Mode and Mode is a periodical that addresses printed matter in fashion practice by Laura Gardner and Karina Soraya. Continuing the mission of Mode and Mode in exploring experimental publishing practices at the margins of fashion, this issue shares a body of experimental text works by the critical fashion practice of D&K. Accompanying the D&K Look Book 2019 - All or Nothing, Mode and Mode 7 serves as an anthology of text works and biographical listings of key D&K projects from 2012 to present.

As intrinsic to their exhibition and garment-based work, D&K produce writing—including ficto-critical prose, cut-and-paste collage, poetry, and screenwriting—to reconstitute components of fashion, such as the garment, atmospheric conditions of retail space and packaging ephemera. Their interrogation of fashion language in (and as) branding highlights the plasticity of words, which are always both meaningless and meaningful.

Mode and Mode 7 was co-launched with the D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 at San Serriffe. Warehouse is happy to have hosted the Dutch launch of both publications.

Type: softcover\ Dimensions: 271 mm x 207 mm portrait\ Pages: 70\ Editor: Laura Gardner\ Graphic design: Karina Soraya\ Release date: November 2019\ Binding: staples\ Edition: 500\ Color: mainly black\ Language: English