[Sold] Pineapple Doily Sweatshirt

80 EUR

SKHSS, a design duo consisting of Lejla Vala Verheus and Mika Perlmutter, centres around a deep exploration of traditional and contemporary female-driven textile crafts and a feminization of utility wear and objects. Expanding upon the relationship between function and decoration, SKHSS juxtaposes intricate historic techniques such as crochet with modern printing methods. The aim of the project is to reintegrate discarded materials back into daily life. Through prolonging the usage of textile crafts in the medium of fashion, the boundaries between techniques and aesthetics of past-present-future are ultimately blended and blurred.

The work of SKHSS takes the shape of a collection of hand-crafted garments made from thrifted t-shirts and sweatshirts adapted with additional materials and techniques like yarn, reflective heat foil, dyes and bleach. The prints engage with the multiple layers of information retrieved from crochet charts, which both instruct how to crochet and at the same time describe the crochet visually. These charts are intricately coded diagrams that use a universal language of symbols. Through reading (crochet) code, recreating and creating new code, SKHSS traces and builds upon this historic information. To imbue the garment with its history and immortalize all the hands at play, footnotes are placed on the inside of the garments, tracing the origin of the elements on the garment.

Type: Pineapple Doily Sweatshirt\ Colour: Light Blue\ Size: M\ Material body: 100% cotton, material rib: 86% cotton 14% polyester

Care instructions: Wash 30°C inside out. Don’t iron . Don’t bleach.

Photography: Anouk Beckers

Images: SKHSS

Photography: Anouk Beckers Images: SKHSS