105 EUR

Avoidstreet is an Amsterdam-based brand, offering garments and accessories defined by expressive and unique details regenerated from upcycled materials. Every garment starts off as an hyper-adaptable base for transformation — ready to be appropriated, deconstructed, remixed, and finally copied and pasted back into circulation as something else.

The endless source of fast fashion garments available as deadstock and in secondhand markets are like low-resolution images on a hard drive. The result is distinctive one-of-a-kind or small editions that embed a dualist vernacular between the commonplace and the tropes of high fashion.

Founded in 2017, Avoidstreet is the initiative of designer Eduardo Leon. Unbridled by industry conventions, Leon combines the sensibilities of rich color-drenched images of Peruvian folklore, tecnocumbia, and bootleg-filled markets, and the potency of a Milanese high-gloss veneer in his creations, including garments, crafted objects, installations, and performances.

Type: Reworked shirt with silkscreen artwork\ Colour: Black\ Size: M\ Material: 100% cotton.

Care instructions: Wash 30°C inside out. Don’t iron. Don’t bleach.

Photography: Anouk Beckers

Photography: Anouk Beckers