Warehouse Wear | The Face Mask Series II

For Warehouse Wear | The Face Mask Series, we have invited five critical fashion practitioners from various corners of the world to share their propositions for a - for many of us - new character in our wardrobes: the face mask. The participants are FEMAIL (United States), HAiKw/ (Norway), Lucia Cuba (Peru), Sho Konishi (Japan) and Schueller de Waal (The Netherlands). The Covid-19 circumstances require that many of us start wearing face masks in public life from now on. They are becoming an integrated part of our daily lives and our appearance in public space. Besides that, the face mask is a garment that brings forward mixed responses; it reminds us of infectious diseases and danger but it can also be seen as an act of solidarity towards others.

The second contribution for Warehouse Wear | The Face Mask Series comes from Schueller de Waal: a Dutch fashion label and design studio by Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal. Incorporating a humorous attitude, the cucumber-based face mask illustrates their belief in Fashion as Therapy and presents the most hydrating option.

The items of the Warehouse Wear Face Mask Series will not be sold, but will be released through do-it-yourself video- and .pdf tutorials - inviting everyone to start getting acquainted with the face mask and make one themselves. You can find the video tutorial over on our IGTV-channel, and the .pdf-tutorial as a free download below.

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