D&K Look Book 2019 | All or Nothing | Special Edition Cover

36.70 EUR

D&K explores the potential of fashion practice as a site of critical questioning and ubiquitous revelations. The project was co-founded in 2012 by fashion designer and researcher Ricarda Bigolin and curator Nella Themelios (2012–2017) and includes a wide array of collaborators. The D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 questions the ubiquity and mass consumption of fashion (images), and their relationships to the products depicted and how fashion produces and circulates collections of images.

The D&K LOOK BOOK 2019, designed by Brad Haylock and published by Surpllus was co-launched with Mode and Mode issue seven, by Laura Gardner and Karina Soraya, which serves as an anthology of text works and biographical listings of key D&K projects from 2012 to present. Warehouse is happy to have hosted the Dutch launch of both publications.

This issue of the D&K LOOK BOOK 2019 features a limited edition transparent synthetic fabric cover with a silver-coloured chain and charm.

Type: softcover\ Dimensions: 272 mm x 207 mm portrait\ Pages: 400\ Special Edition cover: transparent synthetic fabric cover with silver-coloured chain and charm\ Editor: Ricarda Bigolin\ Contributors: Clemens Thornquist, Femke de Vries, José Teunissen, Matthew Linde, Michael Beverland, Nella Themelios, Ricarda Bigolin\ Graphic design: Brad Haylock\ Release date: November 2019\ Color: full color\ Language: English\ Text editing: Mel Campbell\ Proofreaders: Laura Gardner and Chantal Kirby\ Publisher: Surpllus

Photography: Anouk Beckers

Photography: Anouk Beckers