[Sold Out] Garments Without Bodies

6.88 EUR

As a part of Bodies Making Meaning, an ongoing research project and practice on the position and value of the body in the fashion system, Chet Bugter explored the phenomenon of “garments-without-bodies”. These “empty” garments appear as ghosts, void of flesh: roaming through the fashion magazine, left behind by the rapid trend-cycle of the fashion system, looking for bodies that can inhabit them. A zine and accompanying poster serve as a first exploration of the method of cutting out the garments-without-bodies from the magazine’s pages. The subsequent “see-throughs” create juxtapositions of garment, text and body. How can these alternative narratives lead to new perspectives upon the fashion magazine?

Type: softcover and fold-out poster\ Dimensions: 148 mm x 210 mm portrait and 297 mm x 420 mm portrait\ Pages: 15\ Art direction and writing: Chet Bugter\ Graphic design: Chet Bugter\ Release date: November 2019\ Binding: folded, elastic band\ Edition: 10\ Color: Color copies\ Printer: Copy machine ArtEZ University of the Arts at the Kortestraat 27, Arnhem\ Language: English