Rework Magazine

27.52 EUR

Rework Magazine is an initiative of Edwin van Gelder and Johann Tangyong in which the format of the fashion magazine is thoroughly explored. Focused on the subject of “lying” — lying horizontal, lying upside down, lying shot from the bottom, lying together, etc — Rework shows an edited and rearranged overview of an extensive archive of fashionable imagery. The new context in which these images are presented, as well as the removal of any form of typography, highlight Rework’s objective: “not to present the out­comes of creative processes, but to instead concentrate on the print editing process itself.”

Type: softcover\ Dimensions: 200 mm x 250 mm portrait\ Pages: 198\ Editors: Edwin van Gelder and Johann Tangyong\ Contributors: Maurits de Bruijn\ Graphic design: Edwin van Gelder and Johann Tangyong \ Release date: Spring 2017\ Binding: glued\ Colour: black and white and full colour\ Riso printed\ Language: English