[Sold Out] Reading My Panties Issue #1 | A Collective Manifesto

13.76 EUR

Reading My Panties is a collective zine initiated by Lu Lin for the underrepresented discussions on panties, drawing on theories of intersectionality and feminism. Panties, understood as an item of women’s undergarment for the lower body, record our daily usage and bodily maintenance. It’s like a locked diary that we use frequently but barely scrutinise and discuss.

The first issue of the zine, A Collective Manifesto, includes ten women's stories of scrutinising panties, exposing how social constructs—self-objectification, gender regulations, conventional chastity, taboos, slut-shaming, body-shaming, etc.— hinder women’s sense of safety and feeling at home in their bodies.

Type: softcover \ Dimensions: 195 mm x 124 mm portrait \ Pages: 88 \ Editor: Lu Lin \ Graphic design: Areum Hwang and Kasper Quaink \ Release date: March 2022 \ Binding: staple \ Edition: 100 \ Color: full color and two-color RISO print \ Printer: Drukkerij KABOEM\ Language: English \ Text editing: Heike Renée de Wit and Wouter Olthof \ Production: Lu Lin and Areum Hwang